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    $60K Towards Your New Home in Park Hill Glenvale

    Did you know about the $25,000 Federal Government Home Builder Opportunity? If you have ever been interested in owning your own home, stop paying rent, then now is the time to consider how you can take advantage of all the grants available to you. Here is a breakdown of all the grants available to you: $ 25k Federal Government Home Builder Boost + $ 15k First Homeowner Grant + $ 5k Regiona...

    When can I move in? - Behind-the-scenes of leasing a property

    The question on any new tenants' lips, you've found a property that is simply perfect...so, when can I move in? Time is money, especially when it comes to renting. Whether you're a landlord wanting to secure a tenant for your property, or a tenant looking to secure a new home for you and your family, time is always of the essence and we, as real estate agents and property managers, feel this t...

    Auctions — Are They Worth All The Hype?

    Auction is a very popular way to market and sell properties, however, the success of auction campaigns are often stylised and romanticised by television programs. It is unlikely that by taking a property to auction, you will be able to achieve hundreds of thousands of dollars above your reserve price but they can still produce very successful results in the right market and for the right proper...

    The Future of the Toowoomba CBD

    With the impact of Grand Central, new 1-hour limits on parking and the quietening of James Street now that the Second Range Crossing has opened, there are a lot of questions being asked, specifically surrounding the Toowoomba CBD and what the future holds for the city centre. So, we thought we’d share our $0.02 on the current state of the CBD and where we see it heading moving forward. W...

    Which suburbs benefit most from the Toowoomba Bypass

    Now that the Toowoomba Bypass (formerly known as the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing) is open for business, the region has at long last started to see a reduction in heavy traffic off James Street and freight and logistics moving away from the city centre. It’s estimated that with the time saving allowed by the Toowoomba Bypass, trucks will be able to make an additional trip to the Port ...

    How the Toowoomba property market works…

    Is there a perfect time to sell? Is there a perfect time to buy? How is Toowoomba linked to the wider property market? Well, in this piece we’re going to answer those questions and more. We’re constantly fielding questions like this and we thought it’s about time we actually put pen to paper…or fingers to keyboard…and put it out there for everyone to know. Li...

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