Celebrating 20 years in business, 20 years in Toowoomba and 20 years of perfecting how we do what we do best, QLD Hot Property has seen this region through the highs, lows and everything in between. Our history is rich in stories about our region in which we love so much. 

QHP timeline

To celebrate our 20 years of business in the Toowoomba community we're going to highlighting some of the stories behind the 20 years.

First up we have Karen Carlile, Leon Carlile's (founder) wife. She tells of the business struggles, ethics and stories that have never been told before.

Ed Thomas, previous Sales agent, shares of his time at Qld Hot Property in the early years.
Blue shirts, Highfields boom, expansion and whole lot of good times in real estate and business.

Desley Earnshaw - Desley talks of the changes she seen over the her past 5 years of working within the real estate industry in Toowoomba and the Qld Hot Property business.

Stay tuned for more stories to come.