Put your best foot forward

Putting Your Best Foot Forward. Here are our top tips when it comes to getting to putting your house in the rental market. 1. You get one chance at first impressions, there's no point waiting until we secure a tenant to tidy the place up. Do this first, this enables us to get a quality tenant and secure them straight away for an immediate move-in. Time is of the essence. 2. The price must be right, too high and you'll miss out on enquiry. Too low and you'll be under-renting your property. 3. Be patient and secure the right tenant, not just the best of a bad lot. We can guide you through this process, a quality tenant who will look after your property as if it's their own is priceless. Even if you have to wait another week for them to move in. Want to partner with the best in the biz for property management? We're only a call or email away!