Benefits of selling in Winter

Jacob & Josh unpack what the market does in Winter in Toowoomba & the surrounding suburbs.


[Video Transcript]

Josh: Today, we’re here to talk about the benefits of selling in winter. So one of the main benefits you’re going to have is less competition. With less competition you gonna have better buyers, more serious buyers ready to come through. In winter as well you gonna be able to sell the cozy factor. Wo with the cozy factor, you can include the fireplace, turn on that home heater and really close those doors and make it feel like a home.

Jacob: Yeah, it’s really good to make people feel like it’s somewhere they wanna live. Another great benefit of selling in winter is you have less social events to compete with. So you know, those nice twilight viewings and your Saturday open homes are much more attended by your serious buyers in those colder months. So those are the great benefits of selling in winter. You got your serious buyers, you can really capitalize on the cozy factor and you’ve got less social events to compete with.