Russell Street Construction in Toowoomba

Jacob & Leon Carlile provide a real estate's perspective and insight into the Russell Street construction happening in downtown Toowoomba.

[Video Transcript]

Jacob: Hi it’s Jacob Carlile. Leon: and I’m Leon Carlile and we’re down here, at the Russell street refresh Jacob: Lots of work’s going on, as you can see on the work down here on Russell street and we’re just gonna have a quick chat about the impacts to business, and what is actually going on down here. Leon: And as you can see the council has done a great job getting stuck into putting all the Blue Stone curbing in. I don’t know if you’re aware of it, but all of our streets used to be lined with bluestone curbing. So it’s really nice to see they’ve gone back to the heritage, and started to install all that beautiful Blue Stone curbing. Jacob: They’re spending about seven and a half million dollars down here on Russell street, which involves some street artwork, new curbing, new pavement. And a median strip, down the centre of Russell Street. Unfortunately, that does mean though, that they will be removing a lot of the car parking. Leon: Yeah now look. Unfortunately, I’m a big believer in Toowoomba people like to park right in front of the business that they’re going to operate in. So you can see behind us here the hairdresser. On Russell Street, you know, my concern is where do their customers come to park? Also all the people back at the National Hotel, you know there’s a lot of people that come and have dinners down here. And when they take away the street car parking I think it becomes a real issue. I know they’re going to beautify it by putting trees in and lots of beautiful landscaping but my issue with the CBD is where’s people going to park. Jacob: So it will be really interesting to see what the works actually do for Russell street as part of this refresh project. Certainly, infrastructure that does need upgrading but just how they upgrade it, and I guess the details and the finer details of that will be sort of time, time will tell, I guess. Leon: And maybe it’d be great if they bought some land down around the Russell street precinct so they could build, you know, a local council car park. Jacob: Yeah. So that would be really food for the businesses here mainly because they’re the ones that will suffer obviously, during this construction period, and then thereafter, if there aren’t any car parks right in front of their tenancies. So we’re really interested in what’s going on down here in Russell street and stay tuned for more content this month on what’s happening down here in the CBD.