Josh Williams

Sales & Marketing Associate

About me

Josh Williams is a born and raised Toowoomba local. Josh has grown up with the idea to excel in what he believes in. This led Josh to graduate high school with academic merits in Information Program Technology and Information Technology Systems. It is Josh's belief, combined with his passion to succeed, that he will be a remarkable Real Estate Agent and will be able to help many along their real estate journey.

Josh started his first business venture in 2014, creating a label that soon became an e-commerce endeavor. Using his knowledge in social media, Josh quickly learned the ins and outs in the new era of digital marketing. Josh’s experience while creating this label has led him to grow not only skills in marketing but also business development and photography. Photography has helped Josh grow a following in South East Queensland, especially in the automotive scene.

Josh’s family has a strong history of property investment. This knowledge has been passed down through generations, and he wishes to continue his family tradition in Real Estate and help others create their own property portfolios.