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Selling Tips

Since our foundation in 2002 Qld Hot Property has SOLD over $3 Billion worth of property in the Toowoomba region. In that time we've seen a lot of homes and have gained insight into how potential buyers view your property. First impressions make up 70% of a buyers decision when deciding to purchase a property. For your convenience we've compiled a list of our top tips for presenting your home for sale in the best light.

1. Brighten up with a fresh coat of paint. A fresh lick of paint can really make the difference, especially in a living space or outdoors. Not only can it take years off the age of your home but it'll get rid of all those scuff and scrapes on the walls.

2. Declutter! You want prospective buyers to be imagining their own belongings in your home when it's up for sale not being distracted by your overseas souvenirs or family photos. Cutting the clutter can tidy everything up and make rooms appear larger.

3. The wow factor! It may not seem like much but a freshly mown lawn, trimmed trees and neat gardens can make it appear to buyers that your home has been well looked after and doesn't require much maintenance.

4. Freshen up. Open some windows, burn a candle, or buy a bunch of fresh flowers. Letting all the odours out of your home and getting some fresh air can sometimes be the best thing for spaces of all sizes.

5. Fix those little annoyances. From a blown light bulb to a squeaky door, it's the little things that buyers notice. So get the ladder out and clean the gutters and tighten that leaking tap.

Although these may seem like minor fixes, these are the things we've found over the years that buyers pick up on and although they may not be make or break decisions for a buyer every little bit helps.

If you'd like to discuss how to increase the sale-ability of your home feel free to contact one of our Agents, we even have a team of trades ready to go if your property does require any maintenance or fixes around the place.